H&M "Conscious Collection": Going Green

Updated on Feb 07, 2011

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headbandit on February 17
Oh my gosh, throwing away clothes?!? Note to self: Go dumpster diving behing H&M next time I'm in NYC. Lol. Anyways, great article, the pieces look so pretty. Although I worry I would be tempted to go DIY crazy on all that simple white fabric. ;)
ChicagoChic on February 12
Such pretty dresses!
crystaldots on February 12
Thank you Italy!
opfiend on February 11
I love some of those dresses! I might have to check out an H&M soon :)
crystaldots on February 12
Yes, me too. I hardly have any white pieces. This makes me want me to try white even mnore!
Catherinee on February 10
ooh, those scalloped shorts are adorable!! I can't wait for spring.
crystaldots on February 12
yeah, I am eying those as well! Let's hope we can get to those shorts before everybody else gets 'em ; P.
lovestheday on February 08
woww.... nice collection....i wish they have store in my country :)
crystaldots on February 12
Where do you live? I wish they have online shopping for us!
maryiangge on February 08
hope this orgaic stuff they are relaunching will be cheaper. great article as always :)
crystaldots on February 08
yes! it is below 50 bucks so it's quite good actually! i've read reviews where racked.La got to touch their clothing, and they actually liked the quality :).
lolaloa on February 08
Really like this collection, i need a white dress, great article dear +1
crystaldots on February 08
Hi Lola (hope that is your name) - thank you! As I was writing it, I liked the collection even more! There's something about white that transcends both purity and tranquility :).
iamliezyl on February 08
i want to have one!!
styleanthropy on February 08
i love this upcoming collection and can't wait. the scallops, the dresses... they are so perfect this spring! :)
crystaldots on February 08
I saw your blog where u tried on the current colleciton. They look good on u!
Annebeth on February 08
h&m rocks for being slightly more environmentally conscious :D
crystaldots on February 08
Totally agree, annebeth!
irisanddaniel on February 08
LOVE this new collection, white is our favorite color for clothing right now, and we're excited to get some pieces from this collection :)
crystaldots on February 08
ahhhhhh!! Can't wait for you guys to wear 'em : ) hehehe.
HallieDaily on February 08
Yes! I like what I see here! love those shorts and men's wear. hehehh.... you know HM has a collection but only use those rest material from Lavin X HM, I don't like that though. <3
crystaldots on February 08
I wasn't able to touch Lanvin X HM's collection cuz it got sold out so quickly!
JyaDi on February 08
i love white clothing! but it's so easy to get dirty
crystaldots on February 08
i agree, that is why i usually wear white in places that i know won't get dirty (i.e., mall, shopping, etc.) a lot of people also think they look "fat" in white, which is totally untrue. You can still look "bloated" in black anyway : ) hehe.
Bombonica on February 08
interesting article! this year h&m will arrive in my country and I hope they will sell this line here too
crystaldots on February 08
yah! i wish they also sold online!
VixieVaporous on February 08
Yyour post just makes me want to throw caution to the wind and wear white but damn I know I can never get away with all white clothing. Excellent post though :-) but I do miss your outfit shoots.
crystaldots on February 08
Ah!!! Vixie, You are so awesome. This literally made my day! I will give you a shoutout!!!!!! Next time on my outfit. Thank you for inspiring me with your pink drss (from ur photos)Hehe.
alinaceusan on February 08
love the off white clothes
crystaldots on February 08
Me, too!
Style_Journey on February 08
aww, all those items are sooo pretty!! gorgeous neutrals! those are so pretty for spring <33 another great article, dear! well done ;) xx
crystaldots on February 08
Thanks Serenity! You are awesome!

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