Prom 2011 Tips for A Night To Remember

Updated on Mar 24, 2011

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missmatchgirrrl on March 30
Such a fun one!! Congrats for being published!! Love the pointers, but alas I am too old to use them!!
MissMissy on March 31
Thanks so much! Judging from your outfits it looks like you already know the importance of my sew and save tips as you look like a pro at thrifting for gorgeous eye-catching pieces!
Demy22 on March 27
WOW! That was an awesome and really enlightening outfit! I have my first prom the next year and I'm so looking forward to it, I have never thought that sth could go wrong... Thanks for writing this, because now I'm gonna be prepared and know that MAYBE sth will in fact not be just like I want it to be! You're amaaaazing! Btw, I laughed my ass off at the "Glue (just kidding!)" pic!!!
MissMissy on March 27
thanks so much! I'm glad I could help, I hope you have a wonderful time at your first prom =]
Demy22 on March 27
*...enlightening article I meant to say! hahahha!
maymaylove on March 26
i love your article! i wish i had these tips for my prom a few years ago...i agree with you about wasting $$$ for a dress that i will probably never wear again... lol. i really like the thrift & tailor tip...i will definitely remember it for next time when i see an amazing dresses that doesnt fit me at the thrift store. now i just need to find a tailor...
MissMissy on March 27
thanks! finding a tailor can be difficult, it seems to be a dying art!
pandaphilia on March 25
i'm glad you can laugh off your experience and learn from it. have a great prom and this was an awesome article! i love the white dress btw
MissMissy on March 25
Haha yeah I had to laugh off those embarrassing moments! Thanks for the feedback!
JyaDi on March 25
aw im sorry your junior prom sucked. but it's ok, high school is over and you're writing wonderful articles! i love it!
crystaldots on March 25
ack! I wish I had these tips for when I had my prom : D. Great tips and love how you incorporated tips to save money too!
Annebeth on March 25
this is an adorably written article, I love how much you draw from personal experience :)
crystaldots on March 25
agree w/ Annebeth!
happie on March 24
Love this article!
aLeopardsJewels on March 24
You know for the next fancy place I go to I'm going to get a cute dress from the thriftstore. Great post <3

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