Mary-Kate & Ashley Racist Video in the UGLY GOSSIP

Updated on Apr 01, 2011

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Aprilfrances on April 03
Beeswonderland on April 03
Great article,keep up the good work!;-)
BethLovesVintage on April 03
MGNSPR on April 02
Loving the gossip. First I seriously hope Nicki doesn't make it to the cover of Vogue. I'll admit to liking some of her songs but I'm just not okay with her being everywhere...shes kind of annoying. As for Mary Kate and Ashley..I wouldn't hold it against and the clip is kind of funny. And I absolutely adore those twin babies. I saw them on GMA this morning and its amazing to watch.
brettmanning on April 02
i use to work at AA and it was super weird. pictures would be taken of us and sent to dov. i did not like that. why would you need to do that? why? and all the girls from the L.A. locations who would visit our shop seemed to be a little dim and shallow, so whatever. it's just a strange phenom that is obviously going to have problems due to the life styles and mind sets of the folks running it...
Annebeth on April 02
I just don't get how something obviously geared at male fantasy (Victoria's Secret) seems to have strayed from amazonian babes like Schiffer and Crawford to anorectic girls with glue on boobs (Alessandra and Candace). Yuk.
Beeswonderland on April 03
I totally agree!!
Annebeth on April 02
what I'm trying to say: even if she is perfectly healthy (which I doubt), she just doesn't look sexy AT ALL.
aLeopardsJewels on April 02
This is such a cute look for the amusement park for this spring! :P
headbandit on April 02
Great gossip! Dov Charney is creepy to the max, Gaga is superwoman, and Penn the sort of brother/sister androgyny look the campaign has with the addition of Ginnifer Goodwin.
crystaldots on April 02
Great post, PW. I am enjoying the fact that Lady Gaga will be writing for V Magazine; it's amazing what that woman can do. Didn't she go to NYU or something like that? Good to see that some celebrities are putting good use to their degree. I think. Haha. Hmm, the AA lawsuit does seem a bit contrived... especially those nude fotos/emails! WTHeckos for that, for sure. As much as I don't like the CEO
crystaldots on April 02
I really think that as more information come up about these gals and their pasts, it just seems that they are really just wanting to get as much money (and fame) as they can. Talk about sucky. Onto my most favorite gossip for this week.. I really enjoyed reading Tavi's post, like what Kaitlyn said earlier. Tavi is so raw, it's scary how much power that kid has - but in a good way. Enjoyed her thoughts (esp. the one how she said that Anna Wintour will always be intimidating). Definitely enjoy these kinds of blog posts.

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