Blogger vs. Tumblr: Which one is for you?

Updated on Apr 03, 2011

Comments (15)

Riya131 on May 02
I agree Blogger is less interactive!
kristenmo on May 16
Tulogger, lol!:) very relevant article!:) I like both but decided to be on tumblr :)
F4SHI0N on April 14
i use tumblr ever since my teacher made us make a blogger acount for a school project. I just associate it too much with schooolwork after that lol
crystaldots on April 06
I have Xanga... But thinking of moving to Blogger. Great way of laying it out for us though. Definitely favoriting this for REFERENCE!
love_soleil on April 06
i like both site. i feel that tumblr is more of pictures than full text post like blogger is. i agree with the pros and cons you mentioned because i actually seen those things happened especially with the copyright issues on tumblr.
yourcupoftrex on April 06
Def Blogger! Tumblr always looks so messy :s
NicolaMorgan on April 06
Tumblr is where I have my blog, I recently started up a blog on blogger but it doesnt look as good as my tumblr blog and it isn't as easy to use either. I love tumblr and it will always be where I do my 'proper' blogging even though most people use blogger for that, we can all follow any blog with bloglovin' anyway, right? (:
alinaceusan on April 05
EveyHoneysuckle on April 05
I have both, but I use tumblr as my inspiration blog where I post dozens of pictures (well, i'm getting back into it. tumblr is my spring/summer blog haha). But blogger is better for blogging honestly. Unless you've had a large fan following, not a lot of people go on tumblr to look at writing pieces, they go for videos, music, and pictures.
leiann on April 05
i've only ever used tumblr. it was just very easy to be able to start a blog right away for the reasons you described since my tumblog is picture heavy & i LOVE my theme ^_^
pandaphilia on April 04
i like blogger because there can be more writing. tumblr is great for photo inspiration but i feel blogger can tell more stories and there is more interaction
irisanddaniel on April 04
I like both for different reasons, as you outlined in the article. I don't think that we could use Blogger for what we use Tumblr for and vice versa. It's a really different medium and both very valuable. While tumblrs seem to be very now, Blogger will be timeless, simple and always there to do what we need it to do. Tumblr is great for humor, learning and gathering inspiration though.
ashleyE on April 04
I had a blogger a few years ago, but chose to use tumblr for my current blog and I love it! I think the tumblbeasts are soo cute too haha
ksbsmiles0217 on April 04
tumblr all the way!!! woot woot!
railophone on April 04
LOOOOVE tumblr! Tumblr is my kind of website.

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