Feather Hair Extensions: Tacky or Chic?

Updated on Apr 05, 2011

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AnnNavarro on June 28
Great ideas for those who are having second thoughts whether to buy feather extension or not. For women who are not quite sure, then read eindianhair reviews. http://segment.com/eindian-hair-reviews-trends-and-styles-presented-at-international-beauty-show
Chocosioco on September 19
i love feather hair extension!
loveliveandgive on September 08
have to be honest here and say HATE! ugh
000ecstaSY000 on June 22
nice acts...!!
pandaphilia on June 09
ooh i didn't notice that you used my comment :D hehe thanks!
Smash86 on June 09
I think it looks good on certian people. Agreed with the Steven Tyler thing, it looks a little weird on him lol But he looks great for his age ;)
MissMissy on April 18
I've been curious about this trend for a while, but, alas, I am not bold enough for a semi-permanent extension. I love your D.I.Y. idea! It's an awesome alternative to extensions!
TheLittlestUnicorn on April 09
lovely article! i first started seeing these a little while ago and loved them and wanted one...in the ensuing months i saw more and more and more girls with feather extensions and, i hate to say it but, it made me change my mind...i think there comes a time when a trend hits its peak and then looses its chic.
lizzified on April 09
love your article :)
pinkylimited on April 07
i think they are definitely a cute accessory to your outfit the extra touch!
chaptertwelve on April 07
love this!
SaraRodriguez on April 07
Totally chic! I love wearing them! :)
F4SHI0N on April 07
i agree,feather earrings look very similar and they don't tak the hassle
ReginaDiCuori on April 07
i prefer the feather on the headband or earrings but I love your DIY, mybe i'll try it =) xx
JyaDi on April 06
i would much prefer these as earrings, kinda like jenna's mom on 30 rock
livgogas on April 06
love them
vintagegirly on April 06
Feathers are hot now!
Lulu6 on April 06
jesse_lu on April 06
I'm down with the feather extensions. But I think Steven Tyler has 1000% more style than Kesha.
Smash86 on June 09
That is so true.
hotlikemexico on April 05
its cute i agree i prefer earrings <3
irisanddaniel on April 05
I prefer the loose feather ones on ropes like you made (i think rumi/fashiontoast had her hair with fluffier feathers like that before which was nice), the long stringy kind on lucy hale isn't my cup of tea though. it looks kind of awkward.
FeathersandGlamour on April 05
I think feathers are beautiful, but I'm biased because I just started making feather accessories :P If you're nervous about feather extensions, feather earrings and hair clips are definitely a way to try the trend out. http://www.etsy.com/shop/FeathersAndGlamour Check me out :)
bridget77 on April 05
it definately depends on the style of clothes you wear, but i LOVE feathers. however, the longer feathers look much more chic.
maymaylove on April 05
im actually in between. sometimes it looks good and sometimes it looks tacky. i agree that the feather should be more natural and compliment the hair color of the wearer.
maymaylove on April 05
but i absolutely love how you did your clip! i love the added turquoise and silver beads. it adds the perfect touch to it. very chic. i also love GrayHewAnimal's look.
chicchica_bonita on April 05
I think it's very chic! It can go with a variety of styles and looks very pretty! Unfortunately I detest Kesha...she's a grotty horrible example for young women everywhere... :( but otherwise, this whole article was really great! You should have featured the feather ear cuffs over at Style Hurricane, they're gorgeous!
TheLittlestUnicorn on April 09
ditto your kesha remarks!
maryiangge on April 05
i seen this on free people and they giving out for free if you buy $50 worth of stuff in their store. i think its chic!
loveliveandgive on April 05
tacky! anything that reminds me of Burningman is not chic. period.
railophone on April 05
Chic! I love the trend!
GooGooChiRunaway on April 05
Chic! I loved it when I saw it on Seventeen Magazine.
EveyHoneysuckle on April 05
I ABSOLUTELY love feathers, so feather extensions are in the same boat. Definitely going to attempt my own extension :)
EveyHoneysuckle on April 06
wow, just noticed I was used in this article haha XD woot!
xstrawberry86x on April 05
I like it how the girl on the right side of the pictures is useing it and the girl on the right 3 side of the pictures is using it too.
Ashleyville on April 05
The ones I've seen and the girls who do them right, look pretty good. I think they're chic!
rainbowsandfairydust on April 05
your diy is LOVELY! .... i saw another Feather headband whilst shopping this weekend, maybe i will go get one, yours is soooo pretty with the turquoise stones added! ... tthanx for your kind comments, i had totally forgotten about this pic! xoox

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