New adventures in...... PRIMARK

Updated on Jun 11, 2008

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FatenOthman on December 17
cute! love it <3
musacm on September 25
nice denim vest
F4SHI0N on August 31
royst on September 10
those shoes
superniknok on August 16
love those shoes!!!
fangzi on February 19
You have so many fun ideas to play around with.. *hearts* And i love your "bag"!
mi7esng on December 30
petillante on September 04
I like your photos. You have a style indeed to you, very hype. On the first photo, I like the association of the vest with the skirt. Beautiful harmony
tiny_teesha on August 05
I have those heart sunnies they are just the best! ( i found them in the kiddie isle!) and i have a black bubble skirt so i can make a similar look! Nice outfits and i too love the bag!
imugly on July 26
LOOVE the top outift!!! also the innovation with the bag.
ubercherryred on July 11
Gorgeous bag.
eimearru on July 06
Good work,i even picked up a 'boob tube as a skirt' myself given your inspiration! lots of ppl commenting on it already-snap!
WorldUgly on July 19
amazing! i wanted to get loads of them but they had hardly any small sizes.
CherryPixie on July 05
I really like the over sized jeans and the vanity case, such pretty finds. I think you did a great job in not looking like a typical primark shopper.
margaret on June 30
Awesome stash! The Australian equivalent of primark would probably be supre.... which unfortunately has an appalling reputation
bakerchops on June 25
aha i think youve done a great job :) i hate primark and like never go in there. but the other i day i did, like you, get a grey tube top and turned it into a skirt and got a few big mens tshirts :]
audreyyy on June 24
Faithieee on June 23
I love your shoes, and your heart-shaped glasses! I have yet to find them in Singapore.. Am thinking of asking a friend to get them for me! :) Love the tube as a skirt too!
EllaRose on June 20
all three outfits are bloody brilliant especially because their from loving the heart shaped sunnies for only £2 its crazyness!!!
closetbug on June 15
Great advice on Primark shopping!! And I love the different looks you created with key pieces. Very smart.
OhLeila on June 15
Yesterday, I went into Primark, wearing my white heart-shaped sunnies from Topshop that I splashed out on. (I spent two months searching for them after seeing them on the website in January & then suddenly dissappear!) and my heart deflated when I found the identical £2 pair in Primark =[ I love these outfits - it's unbelieve able that they're from Primark.
nanaaaa on June 15
THIS IS REALLY BRILLIANT!!! love the second pic so bad! GREAT JOB!
bexlea on June 13
I went into Primark today just to pick up some sunglasses - the heart ones are identical to the ones in topshop apart from like a £13 price difference or something stupid like that!
homme on June 13
Brilliant post! I would love to see this in video form, of you shopping at a bargain chain! I also like how you supplied a flat shot of the things you purchased, very neat. Outfits 1 and 2 are tied in my book.
japwaiti on June 12
I really LOVE the second outfit. I have massive hips so mens jeans would look terrible on me!
japwaiti on June 13
I was trying to go to bed but because I'm traveling soon I was looking through my clothes and found a pair of boyfriend jeans that I think look good! Will post pictures if I wear them out of the house yay!
WorldUgly on June 13
you really don't! i checked your pics and you look great in those loose blue pants, so you could give the jeans a try. you never know!
adnilt on June 12
You're brilliant!
WorldUgly on June 13
thanks! i aim to please
fashiontoast (@rumineely) on June 12
Wow massively successful. I like shopping for men's crap at Forever 21 too. Love all the outfits but second one is my favorite.
WorldUgly on June 13
cheers rumi. it's probably my favourite too x
thesundaybest on June 12
Heart-shaped glasses will enhance any outfit.
WorldUgly on June 13
ha i agree!
Luxenoir on June 12
Haha I was just like "Oh my god she got those shoes from Primark!!" I really like the first outfit and I would have never have guessed any of it was from primark! A+!
WorldUgly on June 13
i wish. would have bought ten pairs and sent you one! i know you're not a primark fan either so glad you liked the first one.
Jillian on June 11
I LOVE IT ALL!!! bravo!
WorldUgly on June 13
Cammila on June 11
Well done on your challenge! That tube top as a skirt is really fabulous.
remixit on June 11
wow you sure made all of those primark finds work i love everything, and im definately gonna try using the top tops as skirts , what a great idea... and i love the denim vest sooo cute, my sis bought one too , and those shoes are amazing xx
WorldUgly on June 13
thanks. shoes all all saints. amazing, but painful...
camiller on June 11
great looks! i need to find myself a pair of these light wash jeans everyone has been wearing. they've been on my 'to buy' list for ages, but i never seem to find a pair... hm.
WorldUgly on June 13
oh get some asap. you'll look amazing in them
flairtoremember on June 11
Number 1! You look gorgeous! (Love you hair there too!!)
triplyksis on June 11
I love the first outfit!
umyeahno on June 11
you look great! sounds just like our forever 21 out here. I like the first and second looks best!
WorldUgly on June 11
Kind of, but it's cheaper than f21, relative to UK prices. About 1/4 of what you pay in Topshop, often even less.
EverybodyIsUgly on June 11
Ahaha YES!! Second picture!! Where have I seen this outfit before.... :) :). The second pic is saying "What are you looking at?" and the third pic is continuous saying "Huh!?" Also tube top as skirt = genius. I want to play at Primark now.
EverybodyIsUgly on June 11
WorldUgly on June 11
I know! I did rip off the jeans but honestly didn't realise the rest of the outfit until the day after i'd done the photos. Must me a subliminal thing. Your wardrobe has infiltrated my mind... And yeah, I am loving the skirt/top they only had huge sizes though. I had to pin it for the photo. Going back to check if they've got any smaller ones in a grey&white stripe.
sooshi on June 11
I love your shoes! I visit the UK every year and I just love stocking up on Primark because I know no one in the US will be wearing the same items.
WorldUgly on June 11
hey thanks. i think it's the same with us and target/f21. the shoes are from all saints by the way. i should have said.
rileyanne on June 11
I personally like the first and second outfits best, and I must compliment you on your finds.
WorldUgly on June 13
cheers, think i agree
nonorientable on June 11
i am not from the UK, but i'm going to apply your advice about Primark to Forever 21 (which i think is the US equivalent). you look amazing! i like the first best, which is funny because i have an odd hatred for all things denim. but you make it work!
WorldUgly on June 11
thanks. i'm not big on denim either, unless it's jeans. but there are so many bad prints in primark it's the safest way to go.

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