Five Finger Shoes: Comfort over Style?

Updated on Apr 24, 2011

Comments (16)

phillipthenickel on January 16
Comfort is well worth looking a little silly.
itzannaa on April 29
imight get that for working out=)
chicchica_bonita on April 27
i honestly don't care if i can't wear these to a gala, i'd pick them any day with jeans and a tee. they change the whole entire way your body moves....its magic
aLeopardsJewels on April 27
The ones in this pic are really ugly but my friend has them in light pink and they're really nice!
rainingelephants on April 27
my friend meghan wears them! she loves them, i couldn't imagine wearing them to school though. they're like crocs... ugly.
boredstephanie on April 26
I actually read an article on yahoo i think that said these might not be that good for your feet since they offer no structure or support. They are pretty ugly...I would never wear them xD
Squarectomy on April 26
As long as they don't become the new Croc.... Love Grace.
crystaldots on April 26
i don't think they will fit on all feet, so i think people may need to take heed. but, i have seen severla people wear it during hiking last week!
Tamira on April 26
these shoes are just wrong
katiecosette on April 25
I have a feeling these shoes don't work for everyone- I find toe socks completely uncomfortable because they don't fit my toes right and I would guess these shoes to be the same. If people like them and want to wear them while working out, that's fine. I don't plan on getting any, though. Regular gym shoes feel fine to me and these look like they should be paired with a wetsuit.
ukiuki88 on April 25
i wouldn't sport these around anywhere anytime soon lol
AlexanderJames on April 25
A girl wears them in my english class. I did a double take when I saw them! Please, just leave them to athletics! Don't wear them to school or anywhere else!
JyaDi on April 25
well yeah people wear uggs because they say they're comfortable, but they're shapeless and ugly
MC_lovesshoes on April 26
I totally agree with u!
Embellishgirl on April 25
BadTasteToast on April 25
I can't imagine these are comfortable! They really don't look like that. Plus they look hilarious :D But as long as they are good for runners and their feet, why not?
krissybaby08 on April 25

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