How to Tan and Get That Glow

Updated on May 21, 2011

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CHEAPwelcome on July 23
opfiend on June 05
I am happy with my natural skin color. If anything, I'm out in the sun for short periods of time without protection. That mostly just brings my freckles out though.
lizzybethh on June 04
Tanning beds are so useless. It's like a human toaster, why don't women stop and think hey this could be detrimental to my health and it always looks fake anyways. And as far as lotions they make you orange that dye can't be good for your skin! Just go to the beach and be safe don't camp out all day couple of hours should be sufficient. Tanning is a gradual process, so don't try and rush it.
duckalicious on June 02
yes, everyone should be well aware that there's no such thing as safe tanning (this goes both for the sun and, even worse, the tanning beds). just one correction: SPF 15 is maybe enough for winter sun (not in the mountains though), whereas in the summer try at least 30 or 50 instead.
boredstephanie on May 24
i actually don't care so much about tanning, I think pale skin has its own beauty
duckalicious on June 02
fully agree - if you're pale, why not stay that way? a couple of years ago I accidentally got some tan on my face and I didn't like it one bit, I looked older and weird, not to mention the harm it does to the skin :S
ItsClaudia on May 24
I love the tan but I love my skin more!
rebeccajane on May 24
I have to agree! It is all about protecting your skin!
crystaldots on May 23
I didn't knkow Aveeno now has a tanning product! I kind of like jergen's. it's very light and tinted, and i like to put it on my legs since it's sooo uneven from my arms : X.
EveyHoneysuckle on May 23
I love this :) Yeah I stopped regular sun tanning, so I do self tanner. Don't overdo it though haha. I was trying to tan my legs before prom after months of hiding in the winter and I turned orange briefly (mind you, I'm of Hispanic descent, so I'm kinda tan). I have to exfoliate it quite a bit before I was generally brown haha.

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