Exposed Pockets: Chic or Tacky?

Updated on Jun 05, 2011

Comments (21)

Sirikanya_Ho on April 14
its tacky too!! just depend how we style to look chic rather then cheap
phillipthenickel on August 22
I just cannot like this look. It's so cheap looking. :/
aribear22 on August 02
i like exposed pockets but not the super-short look, where the pockets have more fabric than the actual pants. that just looks terrible.
sheilamdenison on July 25
I actually love exposed pockets for some weird reason
sloan on July 11
its tacky.
Totallyoutcasted on July 10
I was actually going to buy a pair...until I saw the back. I mean, I just don't need my butt cheeks all out there for the world to see. I think that a shirt with a long back would be nice with a pair that aren't too short. I also think the tights are a great idea.
rolltideroll24 on June 22
no fashion at all, just a little skanky
JyaDi on June 17
yeah i keep seeing pics of models with exposed pockets, but it's just so awkward
mochaccinoland on June 16
tacky definitely. cannot convince myself otherwise.
catiebeatty on June 15
This look has been around for a couple years now and i'm just not convinced it is anything but tacky. Although, I must admit that Vagabond looks amazingly chic (as always).
MiuSan on June 15
not for me. i think they look tacky
EveyHoneysuckle on June 15
I think they can cross the "tacky" line quick. As long as it's a peek of pocket and not the whole darn thing, I think it looks great :)
katiecosette on June 15
i love the shorts and tights look, but the exposed pockets are a no-go in my opinion.
lizzified on June 18
totally agree with you
AlexanderJames on June 15
great article. :) SOMETIMES chic.
heathermichele on June 15
Great tips! I totally agree! And the "people of walmart" note cracked me up.
crystaldots on June 14
I say.... CHIC. <3
Curare on June 14
I've never been a fan but some are cute.
teribi on June 14
so very helpful! voted!
pandamarie on June 14
I definitely agree that its all about how they're worn. What you decide to wear with the shorts and how short they are, are major contributing factors in regards to whether you look like a 'starlet or streetwalker'.
MissMissy on June 14
I totally agree with your tips- if you go short on the bottom keep some skin hidden on top, leave some for the imagination haha
Necca on June 14

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