Summer Trend 2011: Sunglasses

Updated on Jun 22, 2011

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lizzified on June 24
sunnies are a must for summer! love cat-eyes and aviators. thanks for such a fun article!
Aphrodite on June 23
Great post!=) I can never survive summer without sunglasses! (and other seasons too!) =) xxx
F4SHI0N on June 23
i really loved disarmingdarling's sunglasses. what is best for what face type though?
headbandit on June 24
Hmm, good question. It's really up to whatever look the wearer is going for and likes on themselves--that being said, if you want your face to look smaller, go for large frames and vice versa. It's really about trial and error, I've found. You sort of just have to go with your gut and what styles you're really drawn to, I think.
LeenzieM on June 22
Love your posts as usual :)

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