Fashion Bloggers: Behind the Camera

Updated on Jul 18, 2011

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shugavery on January 13
Great article ! My flatmate is actually the one who is taking my pictures for the blog. Being italian and having a mom who was a History of Art teacher do give her an eye to make great photos eventhough my camera is not at all appropriate to shoot outfit pictures. That is why I can't help but thank her as much as I can :).
BowtieDiary on October 03
My best friend usually takes my photos. She has a DSLR and has kindly lent her photographing skills. I try to thank her as often as possible. I keep a banner on my blog's sidebar that directs to her photography blog. Sometimes I just make gifts, for my blog's birthday I got her a skirt :D
AmandaBrohman on August 03
my mom takes most of my photos ;)
Sweetfashionsweet on July 31
i enjoy doing it myself with tripod so that I dont need to ask for help and I can be more free in front of the camera!! but it is quite tiring at the same time! usually i ask my family to help me :) (mostly my mom or my love)
JadeRosa on July 25
I do it myself!, usually i will find a place that a camera will be able to sit and hopefully it works! :) I probably should get my self a tripod! Great article :)
enjoyed this article:) my husband takes my photos
HallieDaily on July 20
haha,,,I have tripod, I have a hubby to take photos for me, hard to say which one is better, hubby sometimes don't want to crouch to take pictures, and tripod never complain, lol...
inaidko on July 20
i love this article
theflightoffancy on July 19
nice article, I usually use a tripod, but lately my co-worker with a fancy camera has been chipping in sometimes :)
crystaldots on July 19
Haha, this is awesome! It's an amazing piece that gives creds to the photogs. : ). Great job, Heather!
Britt_Whit on July 19
our boyfriends take ours :)
stylenomad on July 19
It's not a rumor, me and the Style Voyager do meet up!!! Whenever we tell people how we met (via Chictopia) they always ask if blogs are the new chat rooms. Haha!
districtofchic on July 19
Aw, I love this post! My husband takes my photos :-)
irisanddaniel on July 18
Haha, love this article! We use "the best friend" method usually. Last Summer we had to use a tripod and we wish there was a better way to do it than self-timer, haha. Maybe a remote? Need to research that.

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