How to jump in your photo without looking awkward

Updated on Jul 18, 2011

Comments (13)

LisaGH on November 01
Love it! Following!Voted!
YepItsDomo on November 06
Thanks for the tip!
IvonneLancaster on August 17
Finally! I've been wondering how to do this for ages!
sheilamdenison on July 25
If only I had a camera that had the ability to take shots at a fast shutter speed
LaiLa_letmebeme on July 23
I will try it! :D
MariaAlyssa on July 22
I wish I've read this before our photo shoot yesterday. I did a lot of jumping because the photographer which is also my friend asked me but I'm not sure if it works but I hope it did!
sofresh4eternity on July 20
I love jumping pics! Check out: sofresh4eternity "City girl meets country" :)
RaspberryLIme on July 20
analeigh tipton <3 interesting article
MichelleCurry on July 20
<3 this topic! So totally trying it out :)
theflightoffancy on July 19
thanks for including my pic! I haven't jumped in a while, thanks for reminding me! :)
crystaldots on July 19
Great tips, especially #1 + #2. Making the person the focus (in movement) is ideal! Thanks Tracy!
vkxo on July 19
Thanks for this article! Very helpful - can't wait to give it a shot! :)
jehanprouvaire on July 19
I'm so glad I am an inspiration here!! i adore jumping in my pictures though I'm afraid it might become boring:S Thank you very very much for this amazing article, it's going to make my pictures much better!!

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