Should I Dye My Hair?

Updated on Aug 06, 2011

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blueskywarning on January 23
I love the girl on the right's hair in the redhead picture :D That exactly what I've been wanting, but I haven't been able to find the correct shade of dye. I bought a copper color but it came out more burgandy :/
cherriblyme on January 07
i like this blog! i dye my hair, usually some subtle brown tones/shades but im thinking of going out of the brown shade and try something else, next time!
sheilamdenison on October 21
I've considered dyeing my hair, but I don't think I would like my hair to be any other color.
kennyperry on September 16
bambicult on September 05
I thought about going to try on wigs at a store to see what I look like with different hair colors. I wonder if the store owner would be okay with that...
havoc on September 03
i just dyed my hair blue. it's so liberating. my mom always says that dyeing my hair is something we can agree on, and something she can say "yes" too so that we have a more "positive" relationship. it's good for me.
TheCrayolaEffect on September 01
I'm not big on hair dying because my hair is already so hard to keep unfrizzy and undamaged but I love the main photo. :) I don't think I could ever pull off anything that wasn't natural haha
La_Mooey on August 30
I've been dying my hair for years now, both professionally and at home. I love hair dye!!
AllanaAldea on August 28
I want to dye my tips pink for some reason. I don't think it'll suit me.
syjjang on August 24
I've been thinking about dying my hair for a while now, thanks for the article!
Chocosioco on August 24
I really wanna dye my hair auburn!
pourprepapillon on August 23
Reading this just makes me wanna try one. Guess, tomorrow I'm gonna have a makeover for my hair. :D
helloimgabs on August 22
A few months ago, I dyed the bottom half of my hair with a deep red colour. Unfortunately, it isn't as noticeable anymore but it gave me a great undertone! If you are a brunette like me, and you are tired of mixing up your hair colour with blonde, you should try going for red. It isn't something that brunettes usually do, but nonetheless it looks very good!
sympathy_kid on August 22
Great article! :)
lovelysilkarria on August 22
I have always wanted black hair, almost slightly purple-ish... I love those vampire/witch/superhero looking hair colors where it's slightly purple and a really cool (as in cold) color. Unfortunately, I'm a redhead. I have freckles and warm undertones in an extreme way. And I have no idea what I would do about my eyebrows. Any suggestions? ( do you do Koolaid dye?)
plasticflowergarden on August 22
You should dye your hair a crazy orange-red, like copper! Thay would be cuteee :D I think eyebrows are usually best left natural. I'm blonde and have dark brown eyebrows, it looks fine, I'm sure yours will too. And you can just google "How To Dye Hair With Kool Aid" to learn, also reccomend finding a color chart sort of thing to see what colors/flavors turn out like.
headbandit on August 22
If you click on the words "Kool Aid Dyeing" under "How should I dye my hair", it will take you to an eHow article. or you can just google it! As for eyebrows, I guess just dye them the same way you dye your hair? Something else to google...haha
samanthaaa on August 22
do it!! i've recently gone for purple tips after having my hair a little ombre on the ends! my hair is naturally pretty dark so i have to look after it a little more and condition it but i've got so many compliments from it so maybe just start small and you'll be addicted! might as well go through life with abit of colour :) xx
opfiend on August 22
I have always thrown my doubts out the window when dying my hair. I've been dying it for 4-5 years and there has only been a couple of times that I didn't like it. That's when I dye over that.
k_girl on August 22
my hair has been a ton of different colors on my quest to find a hair color that suits myself and my personality. I've discovered that i'm a redhead. any shade of red but it's my favorite. I've always wanted to have pink hair but my job won't allow it. who knows, someday maybe i'll just dye it pink and rock a wig at work.
lunax0x on August 22
i been wanting to dye my hair for the longest. great article.
SALVADORLA on August 22
Very cool article! I prefer natural, but everyone should experiment once a while <3
thejetblonde on August 22
I very recently took the Ombre plunge and haven't felt prettier/sexier! I even love wearing my hair natural now (I have kinky-curly hair, because of my mix), not just flat-ironed and waved, which is a big deal for me as I've never been able to fully embrace my fro before!
violentdove on August 22
My hair is the closest I've ever gotten it to white and I couldn't be happier :)
pandaphilia on August 11
the purple looks so good on her!
shelbylugal on August 11
Amazing article! I was just thinking of dying my hair red:)
staystitching on August 11
F4SHI0N on August 10
great article!i have several doubts about what color to dye my hair!i'd love to dye the tips but i can't figure out what color.
headbandit on August 11
What's your favorite color? What color do you wear a lot of, and would you want your hair to match that or contrast it? Some questions to consider that might help your decision-making.... :)
MargDz on August 10
thanks! I've been speculating about the same issue for a while too. I think that i want to dye my hair like Ariana Grande's but i just hope that it looks ok with my complexion and eyes :D
plasticflowergarden on August 11
That's like the color I want! Everytime I see her show, I'm like I WANT HER HAIRRRR! Haha
crystaldots on August 10
Great post, Heather, very informative, and I don't think I can ever dye my hair again, lol. I have black hair and I tried dying it auburny brown, but it still turned black anyway! And also, I'm too yellow for blonde or red, lol. I've come to like my black hair a lot because of my experimentation with dying hair a few years back. But, I do really like Daniel's hair. A LOT!
ItsClaudia on August 10
loved the article
aribear22 on August 09
great article! i've been wanting to dye my hair blonde for a while (:
LUVAct101 on August 09
I dyed my hair dark brown and i was a blonde, and it looked great against my super pale skin! i used ammonia free dye, it had yet to fade out all the way now its a really pretty chesnut with blonde highlights from the sun and vacation at the beach, but yeah, it was a nice change!
crystaldots on August 10
I think you should dye it, hmm I really want to try ammonia free dye. Maybe that's better. Lol
trivia on August 09
COOL, i was looking for this. I'm gonna dye my hair and i was wondering about how i really wanted it to look. :p
plasticflowergarden on August 09
Great article :) I've been wanting to go red for YEARS now! Think Red Velvet Cupcake and you've got the exact color Lol I still don't know what's holding me back. Wish I would have tried Kool Aid dyeing a few weeks ago. (I would do it now if school didn't start in a week...)
lovelysilkarria on August 22
I'm not gonna be allowed to for school, but.... I still want to know how. I could probably get away with using some orange koolaid to make some highlights in my hair... (I'm a carrot-top, sorta more copper colored though) and...yeah. How long does it last? HOW do you do it???
plasticflowergarden on August 11
Oh its allowed. I've just never dyed it before (other than highlights) and don't want to start off Senior year looking like a raggedy Anne doll if it comes out not so great Lol
headbandit on August 11
Oh, does your school not allow dyed hair? If they do, I say go for it!
redhaireddesigner on August 08
amazing article! love it! :)
irisanddaniel on August 08
Love this article, Heather! So informative and really fun to read. :) Thanks for featuring me in it! Definitely love the lavender hair, hopefully one day... Haha

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