Mini Purse Belts: Chic or Tacky?

Updated on Aug 10, 2011

Comments (22)

bambicult on September 05
I'm not gonna lie, I love these. I just haven't found the perfect one yet... (Leather, and the purse has to be the perfect size!)
shoestoshoe on August 24
I like belts with a zipper in them of a small pouch attached. Most of the ones in the pitures above are too bulky for me. Otherwise I love them.
DOMOnique on August 19
It looks like a tool belt?
coldlight on August 18
I love the photo examples you've used! The leather definitely makes it look more classy than a touristy bum-bag :P I probably couldn't pull it off though, and anyway, I wouldn't be able to fit everything I wanted to carry around in one- i'm a fan of lugging around a lot of stuff :)
ObscureOverture on August 16
I'm so glad this is coming back! I'm all for being able to carry stuff hands-free and it is easy on the back!
syjjang on August 15
I actually don't like this look :(
FashionTrendsMore on August 14
I'm not a huge fan
thiswouldbeher on August 12
the minute i saw one of these for sale in downtown LA I went crazy for it but I didn't buy it because I didn't have enough cash on me. It's totally chic in my oppinion(:
valencia_toh on August 12
This is interesting (:
MissfitMaikoStyle on August 12
If they purse belts are not too bulgy, or are similar to the biker belt bags....they would work for certain outfits. I'm still trying to source one that works for my style.
Polly_Nirvana on August 12
I ain't too keen on this trend, just not my style ;d
ZiZi543 on August 12
i dont know i'm kinda loving the older looking fanny pack ones on the runway. call it a weakness, but i happen to love incredibly tacky things that just work haha
JaquelynAurora on August 11
on the runway yes but hard to pull of in reality
michelle2119 on August 11
ehhh some of them are ok
angieexxpangie on August 11
I would prefer the small leather ones :) Those look really nice
sandravision17 on August 11
ehh I dont like it maybe the leather ones that have a small pouch but I dont like it so far
ameliajin on August 11
they look very cute with skirts and ultragirly clothing, that way it balances out the ensemble!!!
pandaphilia on August 11
a little short of fanny packs. they look cute by themselves
plasticflowergarden on August 11
I'm sorry, this just reminds me too much of the fanny packs my dad wears, and the shame that came along with them Lol
OHSOladylike on August 11
i think they're pretty cool. they're definitely a different take on the fanny pack and i'm in aggreeance with smash86 - they are more sophisticated and stylish. I like the smaller look that many chictopians are doing
Smash86 on August 10
I think they look really elegent and chic as long as the pouch isn't too big on the belt. The leather gives it a more sophisted feel than a fanny pack and this totally seems like something I would wear. Practical and stylish!
catiebeatty on August 10
Kind of reminds me of my nerdy Physics professor in college :P

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