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Updated on Sep 18, 2011
light blue collar DIY accessories - black striped Forever21 sweater
Black-striped-forever21-sweater-ivory-american-apparel-skirt Light-blue-collar-diy-accessories-black-striped-forever21-sweater Light-blue-collar-diy-accessories-black-striped-forever21-sweater Light-blue-collar-diy-accessories-black-striped-forever21-sweater Light-blue-collar-diy-accessories-black-striped-forever21-sweater
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headbandit 's Thoughts:

I won’t bore you with the tales of why I haven’t posted an outfit in months…nevertheless, I hope you’ve been enjoying my EIU articles just as much. Actually, I hope you’ve been enjoying them more!

When in the Big Apple, I finally gave in and purchased the accordion-pleat skirt from American Apparel. I’ve wanted one of their skirts for a while, after seeing both the sheer maxi & accordion pleat skirt on some of my favorite bloggers, including Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere and Sarah of Clothes Encounters …and then on pretty much every 5th person inside of Lincoln Center. I know, I’m a follower sometimes.
I went with white not for its practicality, but because I sort of loved the idea of breezing around in such a dirty, concrete city while wearing it. Haha, plus I saw someone else in a white skirt and I really liked it. I swear, I usually have my own inspirations for outfits (versus straight-up copying someone else), but I’m not used to being around so many well dressed people and I think it affected me. Anyways, breeze around I did…(embarrassingly enough) I went to AA between the Jenny Packham show and the Carlos Miele show, bought the skirt, and asked if I could go put it on in the dressing room. Don’t you ever just want to wear clothes right out of the store? Plus, I was extremely paranoid that the dress I was wearing was totally see through, so…it really was just a precaution (well, an afterthought)…I mean, I didn’t want to end up on some special fashion-week edition of Fashion Police, did I?

Yeesh, apologies for that long-winded explanation of a skirt. I hate it when people refuse to revise their writing because it took them a long time to type, but that took me a long time to type!

It’s a weird weather time right now, so I paired the summery skirt with a light sweater and chunky wedges with socks to sort of “ground” the look. And my latest DIY, a vintage-button-embellished collar. You can see more detailed pictures of it on my tumblr, a DIY a DAY.

Oh, and I have a new camera! Now I just need someone to take my pictures so I can get that super-cool blurry background effect that’s so popular among super-cool bloggers. But can you see the difference in quality?

Please be sure to check out EIU’s fashion week coverage, if you haven’t already!


P.S. It was super windy today, making for some silly photos.

Comments (5)

irisanddaniel on September 19
That main photo is perfection! Love the movement, so perfect for the outfit.
headbandit on September 20
Ah, thank you! I think my lighting was off and I might need to increase my shutter speed based on the blurriness of the movement shots? Haha, just kidding, idk what I'm talking about. I kept seeing Daniel messing with the settings on your camera & I was jealous because I don't know a whole lot about my own camera (yet)! Anyways, thank you! Glad you can at least see a difference in quality :D
irisanddaniel on September 19
GAH! Clicked "add comment" on accident while posting this.. haha. Anyways, I love the playful addition of the collar with the more serious-chic outfit. Definitely notice the difference in quality, it's great! I sort of wish we could have that blurry-background, haha but can't justify buying a lens for it since the current one we use only does it on macro photos.
purplewang on September 19
Heather, you look so cute! I love the skirt :) Gosh, when I got back I really missed NY. I wish it was still fashion week so we can dress up all crazy again...hahaha.
headbandit on September 20
Thank you :) Yes, I wish I was back in NY too...I feel like dressing up seems silly now...going from fashion week to back-to-school & back-to-reality is kind of a letdown, haha.
franloiacono on September 19
Love this!! Love your collar!! Nice job!
Chocosioco on September 19
i love the flow of your skirt! I'm loving the wind effect for your hair!
catiebeatty on September 18
The skirt is gorgeous and i adore that little collar. Have been enjoying your Rticles very much :)
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