Fall Beauty Tips: Skin, Hair, and Makeup

Updated on Oct 29, 2011

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Becca_Usmanova on December 12
great tips
aribear22 on November 07
great tips! thanks(:
pandaroo on November 03
This is so awesome! Thanks!
pandaphilia on November 03
great tips!
blairbadge on November 03
Thank you!!
TamQuoia on November 03
Great read.
blairbadge on November 03
MiuSan on November 03
People need to get over this obsessive hairwashing! I wash my hair maybe 2 times a week, and you never see me with a bad hair day. And NO, it does not look greasy. And NO this is not genetic lol. Honestly, if you wear THAT much product for your hair on a daily basis, washing it everyday doesn't help either.
blairbadge on November 03
I think second-day hair is the best anyways ;)
steaming_greentea on November 02
i have my hair ombred and i'm sticking with it! I agree, it doesn't matter if everyone says it's last year, i still love it.
blairbadge on November 02
Haha. Glad to hear someone else is with me!! We'll rock the ombre together ;)
filipina on November 02
thanks! what great tips! it is very important to moisturize but that one i always keep forgetting since i'm always on the go. from now on, i'll bring it along in my bag! :)
blairbadge on November 02
Your skin will love you for that!! (and feel better too)
purplewang on November 02
Great tips Blair! I've been hearing so much about Moroccan Oil from my friends...I'll have to give it a try!
blairbadge on November 02
Amy -- I've tried TONS (and I mean TONS) of hair products. There's seriously nothing like Moroccan Oil. I'm so obsessed, I have a mini vile-size one for traveling too :)
madasahatter on November 02
This is awesome! Thank you. I especially liked the hair bit. I'm in college and I don't always have time to wash my hair every day, so I was glad to hear that that is a good thing :)
blairbadge on November 02
Girl, I'm right there with you! I swear, dry shampoo is the saving grace for girls like us :)
sepiany on October 30
Blair! Thank you! I'm absolutely a makeup idiot and found this really helpful. Also, you've inspired me to give lipstick a shot. Totally a lipstick virgin over here. Very intimidating. Thanks again, Blair!
blairbadge on October 30
You can do it!!! :) P.S. MAC Cosmetics has a huge selection + great wearability. I would suggest it as a place to start looking for your perfect color! Have fun! xoxo, Blair.

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