Why Do Some Men Neglect Fashion?

Updated on Nov 08, 2011

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helenz (@helenzhu) on November 08
I think that most people dress with a purpose - to look attractive to the opposite sex. Women, in order to attract men, have to stand out from the crowd - wear high heels, faux fur, animal print - anything to make ourselves appear "unique". Men, on the other hand, have to belong to a strong pack. Men "hunt" in groups. So for men, it's not as important to stand out as it does to belong.
nekorine on November 18
Actually girls dress to impress girls. Rarely for boys.I guess this is a case here in Australia. Because boys here rarely think twice about what a girl wears unless you are showing a lot cleavage.
Auraines on November 09
I know lots of girls and some guys that dress solely to look good for themselves. Also, idk about other girls, but I think we may dress up for each other more than for guys. Guys rarely compliment girls on their clothes! I am the one looking at other girls to draw inspiration from their outfits, oooor to look for what to not do hehe.
tyleroakley on November 08
It's important to remember that style is subjective. My idea of self-expression through fashion is different than anyone else's, and just because I think someone dresses poorly doesn't mean they're not expressing themselves with their own style. So maybe men don't actually neglect fashion... but instead, neglect women's ideas of fashion.
Tazleigh on November 23
thats definetly a really good point. i think that us girls are thinking more high fashion, and the latest trend, other than the guy's personal style. i, for one, have seen some guys look really hott in stuff that normally is for days to relax
looney_lovegood on November 09
That's a very good point--I never thought about it that way!
Auraines on November 09
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F4SHI0N on November 08
i totally agree!i hate seeing nobody dress well! I basically applauded this one guy I saw who wore this studded collar trench coat. Amazing!it makes such a difference!
meme123 on November 08
on november 7 amazing pics

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