Fall/Winter 2011 Trends: He Said, She Said

Updated on Nov 08, 2011

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stylenomad on November 10
Can I develop an imaginary friend that is as awesome as you pair writing the 'he said, she said' style of post? I think plastic looks best in small doses like accessories or shirt details (Collars, cuffs, placket) than an entire garment. Also I can't help but think how sweaty one gets if encased in unbreathable plastic.. hahaha
crystaldots on November 17
I agree with Sam. I wish I could have an awesome friend like that! You guys are great. : )
steaming_greentea on November 09
I've been loving polka dots ever since the Marc Jacobs show! It gives a touch of youth and sophistication at the same time - I'm seeing spots for spots!
filipina on November 09
i love the plastic trend... :) might try that on shoes first.. :)
F4SHI0N on November 09
i love reflected printed looks
purplewang on November 09
Great post guys! I love the plastic trend...a clear plastic raincoat would be so amazing right now. The "He Said She Said" is a great format for you two! Kind of caters to everyone.
irisanddaniel on November 09
Yay! :) Thanks. I'm kicking myself over not buying these $10 plastic raincoats (in every color of the rainbow) in Target like 2 years ago... lol
headbandit on November 09
"Film on Girls," so clever :) Love this article! I'm obsessed with picturesque prints and polka dots--both trends you two seem to disagree on, haha.
irisanddaniel on November 09
:) The best fashion is always a bit controversial, haha.
sunonthebeach on November 08
love your articles! they are always so thorough and professional!
irisanddaniel on November 09
Thank you! :)

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