Tie-dye or not tie-dye

Updated on Jun 26, 2008

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_holic on September 02
love the shoes & bag!
weeja on August 14
wow! awsome!
rileyanne on June 28
Looks like shibouri but I can see from your post that's not the technique you used--nice job.
rileyanne on June 30
Basically wrapping the fabric around a tube and then wrapping string around a bunch of times. That's the most simplistic version at least.
kirstylee on June 30
i agree! i'm not sure how shibouri is done but the effect is very similar.
punky on June 27
I wear tie dye all the time...i love it.
WorldUgly on June 27
i just checked your pics and saw the blue dress. i should've included it here.
CATpuccino on June 27
loveitloveitloveit! gorgeous shirt!
WorldUgly on June 27
sugarxnspice on June 27
thankyou for the tie-dye tutorial! I've been wanting to do it for so long, but never figured out how to do it properly.
WorldUgly on June 27
great. you must post your stuff on chictopia!
kokonzai2 on June 26
man whenever i DIY its a disaster! your shirt and pants turned out amazing! i'm dying to tie dye my old clothes but im scared haha
WorldUgly on June 26
doitdoitdoit!!! just don't use anything too expensive
elle on June 26
Yes, where are those jeans from? Must order.
WorldUgly on June 26
they are the topshop pippa jeans. £30 i think. you should get them!
lulu on June 26
Are those of the Topshop skinnies? They're perfect. I think I ordered the wrong ones. Agree tough accessories. Great examples. You still look great, even after gorging yourself on our delicious State treats.
lulu on June 27
You are always thinking ahead. Yay for be recognized. Did you post for pictures? I hope you made a kirsty pose.
WorldUgly on June 26
i took this pre US of A. what can i say... i plan ahead. you don't want to see me now. in fact, uoi never will see it. i got recognised by a chicago blogger today though in OU - was insane! it had been the hottest day ever and i'd been shopping for hours and looked sweaty and hideous. more on all this later. x

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